Welcome. Im Brian and this is a site on which I post personal non commercial video and photo projects. For more about me you can follow the link below to my main site. In another life I was a multi award winning broadcaster and ex pirate radio DJ and have lived and worked around our world from Afghanistan and China to South Africa, Kosovo and more. Nowadays Im just about retired and based in the East Neuk of Fife in Scotland where much of my time is spent shooting video and taking photographs…… I also sometimes write music although most of it sounds like Bulgarian nursery rhymes :-) Its a HOBBY :-)


I still work commercially and am happy to quote a price for projects which I find interesting and worthwhile and to which I feel I can make a difference.  Locally I will work for FREE on non commercial projects and very cheaply on local commercial projects but please be aware……..  I only work with people doing interesting and creative things. I would very much like to work on musical projects……. And maybe poetry. I would also be interested in filming - short - dramas. I have worked with Radio drama around the world and to try video would interest me. Contact is Brian at broadcastingcottage dot co dot uk


Enjoy the videos…… The photos on SmugMug……. And the Bulgarian nursery rhymes……

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